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Jan 6 2023
Ventura 13.1 fails when trying to Save a new untitled design as wif or when trying to Save As an existing wif under new title. Saving a design with an existing title works.
Here is the work-around:
Start with an existing wif as a template.
Open Mac Finder to copy the template and rename the copy.
Open the renamed template in Fiberworks and create your design.  When done, Save the file under its new name (not Save As, which will fail).
You can download an empty wif file to use as a template here:
wif template file
How to transfer the contents of dtx file to an empty wif template.
Copy and rename the template as described above.
Go to the dtx file and choose Select Drafts in the Edit menu.
Check all the boxes in the Select Drafts panel and click the Copy button in the panel,
Go back to the empty wif and type Cmd+V
Save the wif (not Save as, which will fail).
Dec 20 2022
How to manage the Ventura glitch in Fiberworks
Items affected:
The list of sequences in Color Fill and Thickness Fill options:
Don't select an item from the list; instead type in your selection in the box at the top of the list.  To dismiss the list if it obscures buttons in the panel, click in the light gray background of the panel. Set your colors or thickness values, then click the Replace or Append button.

The list of color groups in Colors menu items:
To select an item from the list, don't click on it; instead use the up or down arrow keys to highlight the required item, and press Enter when done.
Click Replace Colors in Palette or Add to Palette as required.
Nov 10 2022
I spoke too soon.  There are glitches with macOS 13 Ventura that affect Fiberworks and PointPaper. Combo boxes (controls that allow you to choose from a list or type into the text field) not longer work properly.
Nov 2 2022
I have installed macOS 13 Ventura on my Mac Mini and so far all seems to be well with Fiberworks 1.4.0. Scrolling with Fiberworks 1.3.0 does a little jump but is generally smoother than it was on macOS 11 Big Sur
August 8 2022
Fiberworks has appointed Services E.D.A.P.I. (Seguin Looms, Métiers Séguin) to act as agent for sales of Fiberworks software.  This will allow Bob Keates to focus on program development.  The purchase link in the Windows and Mac webpages will redirect you to the Seguin Looms payment page. You may download from the Fiberworks website or the Seguin Looms website, but payment will be to the Seguin Looms website.
August 8 2022
Bronze and Silver appear to work on Windows 11 without any problem.  Dobby users may need to update the USB driver.

The latest update to macOS 10.15.7 Catalina has resolved the crash on launch.
Nov 11 2021
Good news and bad news:
The good news is that macOS 12 Monterey does not seem to present any new problems for Fiberworks version 1.4.0 but USB connections to dobby looms still don't work.
The bad news  is that an update for macOS 10.15.7 Catalina causes Fiberworks to crash on launch.  I have seen the crash reports, and they seem to trace to an error in macOS rather than Fiberworks. The remedy is either to update to Big Sur or Monterey (if you don't run a dobby loom) or roll back to Catalina 10.15.6.

May 28 2021
FTDI now report that they have a USB driver beta version 1.4.7 specifically for mac OS 11 Big Sur and 10.15 Catalina.  Download from FTDI USB chips are used in AVL Compu-Dobby IV, Little Weaver, Toika ES, Louet manufactured after 2014, Séguin and a number of USB-serial adapter cables.

May 27 2021
Fiberworks version 1.4.0 beta versions are interim versions that eliminate the stuttering when scrolling to view parts of the drawdown that lie off-screen.  This was done by using sliders in place of conventional scrollers.  To scroll, click and drag the button in the slider.  The disadvantage is that sliders do not respond to swiping the trackpad or stroking the surface of a magic mouse.

May 20 2021
Silver version 1.4.0 beta is now available to download on the main Mac page.

May 18 2021
Bronze version 1.4.0 beta is now available to download on the main Mac page; Silver will follow in a few days.
Apr 14 2021
Prolific Technologies have released their USB driver v.2.1.0 for macOS 11 Big Sur:
Prolific chips are used in a variety of generic or "House brand" USB-serial adapter cables.

Feb 14 2021
Silabs have released their first USB driver (version 6.0) that works with Big Sur.
The Silabs USB chip is used in Leclerc dobby looms and in pre-2014 Louet dobbies.
FTDI (used in AVL Compu-Dobby IV, newer Louet dobbies, Séguin, Toika and some USB-serial adapters) say "by summer". No news yet from Keyspan and Prolific (makers of USB-serial adapters).

Feb 12 2021
We have replaced the .dmg packages for current Mac downloads with .zip packages.  This avoids the problem that .dmg contents are read only. This caused some users to get Mac error messages when they tried to Save files back into the package. The zip packages expand into a normal folder when the downloaded icon is double clicked.

Jan 17 2021
Big Sur introduced a new fast scrolling method; unfortunately it wants to scroll the entire window contents whereas Fiberworks wants to keep the threading, treadling and tieup in place, so Big Sur and Fiberworks are in a fight over what to do.  There are several ways to deal with this, but it may take some time to determine the method that's most effective and easiest to implement.
Dec 3 2020
We advise Mac users of Fiberworks not to update to Big Sur at this time, especially if you run a dobby loom.

Sept 27 2020
macOS 11 Big Sur is on the way. Dobby loom users may want to be wary about the effect on third party USB drivers. Apple is also about to converge Mac and iPad to work under mutually compatible operating systems. However the change will only apply to new iPadPro and new Macs expected late 2020.

Sept 27 2020 The Thrilling Twills collection of weaving designs is now available as a free download.

July 2020
 FTDI have now posted a new driver v.2.4.4 for their USB devices to work with macOS 10.15 Catalina. This is required for AVL Compu-Dobby IV, 4.5, Little Weaver, Louet looms manufactured 2014, Toika ES series and USB-serial adapter cables based on the FTDI chip.
Mar 18 2019
Bronze v.1.3.0 for Mac released - corrects a problem in Block Substitution that occurs with macOS Mojave and Catalina. This version is exclusively 64 bit and OS X 10.5 Leopard is no longer supported.
Feb 19 2019 Silver/Silver Plus v.1.3.0 for Mac released - corrects a problem in Block Substitution that occurs with macOS Mojave and Catalina. This version is exclusively 64 bit and OS X 10.5 Leopard is no longer supported.
 June 27 2018
Mac Silver Plus v1.2.5 released - includes the Séguin loom.

 June 13 2017
Mac Silver/Silver Plus v.1.2.4 released - - includes a revised protocol for AVL Compu-Dobby IV and 4.5 2017 or later

 Feb 15 2017
Windows Silver Plus version released - includes a revised protocol for AVL Compu-Dobby IV and 4.5 2017 or later

June 6 2016
Windows Version released (Silver and Bronze for Windows) adjusts toolbar icons for high resolution screens and now includes the Séguin loom

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