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Fiberworks PCW Silver Setup for High Speed Connections

download Silver

Download 4.1 Silver   

Easy Installation 

Suitable for high speed cable and DSL connections

Intermediate Level drafting, design program.

This program is suitable for the intermediate or advanced weavers. 4.1 Silver comes with a full slate of advanced options. More than 30 designs are included.

4.1 Silver is a drafting and design program with 2 to 64 shafts and 9996 ends and picks. It can be used with looms that have treadles, direct tieup or a mechanical dobby mechanism.

Current version is Silver

 For smaller download file when using a dialup modem, try Silver Zip file.
 It is smaller, takes less time to download, but has a few more steps to complete installation.


Please proceed to Purchase Order form to place an order for PCW4.1 Silver.
Your validation code will be sent after we have received the Program ID from you, and your payment.

If upgrading from Bronze 4.0, Bronze 4.1, Silver 4.0 to Silver 4.1 contact us for prices..
We will require your full name, address and your Customer or Registration number.


Click on the PCW4 Silver icon.
Proceed with your browser's instruction dialogs.
Click on Save.
The browser will get the setup.exe file and ask you to save it to your Desktop.

Download may take 1 to 10 minutes depending on net traffic and your internet connection.
High speed connection will take less than 1 minute, perhaps 20 seconds.

To install the downloaded program, print these instructions for future reference
Save the downloaded file to CD for safekeeping.

For Download problems, go to FAQs


  •    Click on setup icon
  •    Follow the instructions in the dialogs
  •    Click Next at each step
  •    When it says Finish, it's done.

Your 4.1 Silver program is now installed in
C:\Program Files\Fiberworks\PCW Silver 4122.

The shortcut icon will appear on the desktop and also on the start menu.

A shortcut icon for the Silver manual will also appear on the desktop and start menu.


  •    Close all open Windows.
  •    Open 4.1 Silver program (Pcw.exe) by double clicking on the desktop icon.
  •    The validation dialog will appear.
  •    Near the top you will see “Your Program ID ” with a 6-10 digit number
       containing a hyphen.
  •    Copy this number exactly into an email message along with
       your customer number if you have one, name, address, program version, version of
  •    Send this number by email to us at
  •    We will send you the validation code by return email asap.
  •    Until you receive the validation code, you may use the program indefinitely,
       but it will not save or print.
  •    Once you have received the Validation Code, enter it into the 4 small boxes below
       the Program ID.
       Make sure that you have typed over all "0"s, and do not add any extra spaces.
  •    Click on the Close button in the dialog.
  •    A message pops up telling you that the program has been successfully validated.
       The validation dialog should not appear again.

If you install PCW Silver 4.1 on a second computer, or a replacement computer, send us the new Program ID and we will send you another validation code. Please include your name, your customer number, your new Program ID, the version of Fiberworks you want validated and the version of Windows you are using.

If the validation dialog keeps appearing, either we or you have made a typo, or your security may be set very high, you may not have dpwnloaded the correct verion or you may not have administrator rights on your computer or you have an old version of Windows.

Your computer may have generated a new code because of a major Windows upgrade.
Resend the Program ID and we will check it and generate a new validation code. If you have Windows 95, the validation may not work, in which case, contact us.


Fiberworks programs are password protected. Until they are validated, you can use them as a Demo.
The program will open and you may use all the features except
Save, Save As, Print, Preview and Print, and Weave.


If you can't find it in the manual, or in the help files, try our FAQs page.
If all else fails, please contact us.

Have your registration or customer number handy for help by phone, or email.
Remember, if you don't tell us, we don't know that you may have a problem.
We will probably be able to help.

Have fun designing with Fiberworks PCW4.1. Have fun weaving your designs.
Occasionally let us know what you are doing.
We would love to have a picture of your work with a draft. Perhaps, we can put it up on the web!


© 2008 Fiberworks

Software is copyright protected.
You may not sell, give, or assign this software without our written permission.
You may use this software on any of your personal computers, one at a time.

Please abide by the spirit of good craftsmanship and do not copy this program.
We work very hard to give you the best software we can.

You may freely distribute any DEMO copies of Fiberworks PCW. That is what they are for.
If you need brochures or advertising material for your friends or weaving students,
we will be happy to send them to you.

Fiberworks Silver ©2008, All Rights Reserved

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This page updated - February 22, 2009